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The condition known as varicose veins occur at sites such as legs and feet, the appearance of such veins is that they are large swollen veins occurring due to valves of the veins not working correctly thus inhibiting blood flow to the site. The treatment for varicose veins is not needed unless swelling and pain ensue for which treatment is available, in cases where the condition is aggravated varicose ulcer or vein rupture might occur. This calls for treatment unless the patient is not bothered by the look of veins and discomfort and symptoms isn’t felt. If symptoms are seen then treatment is required to ease the symptoms and combat any complications that may arise such as skin discoloration, leg ulcer or swelling. There are also some patients which want treatment due to aesthetic reasons.

Depending on the size of the varicose vein surgical removal for large veins or laser treatment for smaller veins is done. For surgical removal patient is put under general anesthetic and mostly sent home on the same day unless both legs are treated than the patient might stay a night at the hospital. for laser treatment light is applied on spider or small veins to allow the veins to fade and disappear.

Varicose Veins
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