Obesity Surgery Weight Loss Treatment in Turkey Hair Transplant Baldness and hair loss is now in the past Aesthetic Surgery The answers to all these queries for interested women have been given.

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    Our Founders

    Slide PROF. DR. NURULLAH BULBULLER General Surgery ----------------- Since 2007, more than 8000 operations have been performed in the field of obesity and metabolic surgery by Dr. Bulbuller. Sleeve gastrectomy, roux-en-y gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, and transit bipartition are commonly performed surgical procedures. He took place as a speaker in many national congresses and as a lecturer in many training courses and workshop in the field of obesity and metabolic surgery. While establishing NewMe, he was aiming to reach more people, helping everyone enrich their lives by building a strong team.
    “We will help You to discover a New You” Dr.Nurullah Bulbuller
    Slide DR. MANI HABIBI General Surgery Dr.Mani Habibi is a highly experienced surgeon specialised in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery. Dr. Habibi is the co-author of more than 40 scientific articles. He has a special interest in weight loss surgery, including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric balloon. He is working both as a surgeon and director of NewMe. His target is boasting a fully dedicated team of doctors, nurses and staff who provide support to everyone under their care; his goal is to send their patients home happy and fully satisfied with their results. “Our medicines and scalpel should not be the only instruments in treating our patients. Our knowledge, understanding, positive vibes and smile should be always there for our patients.” Dr.Mani Habibi
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    Samantha Charlesworth

    UK Gastric Sleeve

    “I can not say enough fantastic things about my experience with this clinic and Dr Nurullah, Dr Mani and their entire team. From the amazing surgeons, the nursing staff, administration, kitchen staff and domestic. EVERY single one of them is wonderful.”

    Kim Messam

    UK Gastric Sleeve

    “I travelled from the UK to have a gastric sleeve. The care I received was exceptional, lovely clean hospital, nice rooms, the staff are very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend Mani and his team.”

    Shenna Haynes

    UK Gastric Sleeve

    “I had a gastric sleeve. I don’t have a bad word to say about my experience. Mani Habibi is absolutely amazing and was always there to answer any questions I had before surgery when I was in the UK. The procedure itself was fine. I had around 6-12 hours where I experienced pain after surgery after that I was fine. The professor, nutritionists and nurses are friendly and helpful. Rooms were cleaned every day. I will be going back next year for skin removal and implants.”