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Introduction to Interventional Radiology

In medicine, there is a significant development in interventional radiology. Physicians who make use of imaging guidance and specialize within minimally invasive and targeted treatments are interventional radiologists. Open surgical procedures have been replaced using the advanced technology of interventional radiology procedures. Short recovery period, lower pain levels and small incisions are the benefits which makes this procedure easier for patients.

Small instruments are guided by interventional radiologists (IRs) with the help of their ultrasound, X-ray and other medical image expertise. The instruments include catheters, tubes which measure a few millimeters in diameter using the blood vessels or the pathways for treatment of disease percutaneously (through the skin). As compared to other surgeries, such procedures are usually low in cost and less invasive.

Interventional Radiology 1
Interventional Radiology

Benefits and Risks of Interventional Radiology

Blockages and blood vessel issues can be diagnosed using the X-ray since it assesses the veins and arteries. A catheter enters the blood vessel and the X-ray dye or contrast agent helps make the vein or artery visible within the X-ray.
Balloon Angioplasty
Narrow or blocked blood vessels are opened using a tiny balloon that is entered within the vessel and then inflated. The IRs use to for unblocking of the clogged arteries within the arms or legs (PVD or peripheral vascular disease), brain, kidney or anyplace within the body.
Biliary Drainage and Stenting
A tiny mesh tube or stent is used for opening of the blocked ducts and bile in the liver is drained out.

Central Venous Access
Under the skin, a tube is inserted within the blood vessels and the patients may now receive the nutrients or medicine directly within the blood stream or drawing of the blood as well.
The agents that fight cancer are directly delivered to the place of the cancer tumor. At present, it has been applied for treating the endocrine system cancers along with liver and melanoma cancers.
The clotting agents like gelfoam, plastic particles, coils or others are delivered directly to the bleeding area or then the issue area blocked blood flow like the uterus fibroid tumor or aneurysm.

Advantages of Interventional Radiology over Traditional Surgery

Patient Safety Measures in Interventional Radiology

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